2019 Design Trends - Office UX In Focus

In recent years the office build, design and decoration industries have developed rapidly. Today, companies constantly use new technologies to improve overall efficiency, and new design ideas and clever solutions spring up everywhere.

One of the trends gathering momentum in workplace design this year is the attitude that your staff, and any other stakeholders connected to your business, are your greatest assets – and that their experience of your office is vital for your success.

In 2019, the “office user experience” or "office UX" trend will continue to grow. Some of the key elements of the 2019 “Office UX trend” are:

  • Recharge and relaxation areas, where staff can “do what it says on the tin” – recharge their batteries and relax their minds and bodies
  • Gaming areas for a social and entertaining feel
  • Biophilia to improve the general atmosphere and staff wellbeing (succulents and plants are proven to improve air quality in addition to mental health)
  • Natural or nature-like lighting to make for a bright, spacious feel as this helps people who spend time in the office to stay alert and efficient
  • Ergonomic furniture with height-adjustable desks, chairs, specialised screens, comfortable sofas, spaces allowing for stretch and activation
  • Bright colour and texture mixes to add light and a unique feel, and to get an opportunity to play on specific branding or industry elements

In summary, this year’s office design trend is an increased focus on creating an environment of wellbeing for clients, staff and visitors with the ultimate objective to attract, retain, and grow talent and client bases.